Nano Products In food Items- Learn How!

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Nanoparticles can extend the shelf life of foods and make them more digestible. But this technological intrusion does not arouse enthusiasm. Will there be a day, frozen pies that do not melt in the sun? Or nano-foods interfere or are they more discreetly in our daily diet?

The truth probably lies somewhere in-between. What is certain, however, is that research has already introduced nanotechnology in food. Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scales.

With this technology, researchers can develop materials with unique properties. The issues raised by the use of these particles are particularly sensitive in the food sector: are these nano-elements and what are their effects?

How nano products are implemented in food industry?

Nanoparticles are also used for making the carotenoids or vitamins soluble in water or to increase the shelf time. The additives of this type were tested against their use in food and pass for harmless.The use of nanotechnology and Nano products is much more common in food packaging, including packaging films or PET bottles.

The use of nanomaterials improves barrier functions against gases, steam and aromas, as well as mechanical and thermal properties or protection against UV radiation. In the long term, experts hope that this technology will extend the product shelf life and reduce waste mountains.

According to the study, it has not been established whether the nanoparticles packages can be transferred to food and if it could be harmful to humans. The lack of evidence for safety must be filled. This also applies to food packaging antimicrobial assets, meaning those which have a coating containing silver nanoparticles.

Despite all these question marks, such materials are currently under development. Furthermore, the several nano particles in food should be clearly indicated on the packaging. The centre of technology assessment also noted that the traceability of certain substances still weak.

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